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What is the meaning of this note on your labels by "natural colour variation may occur in this product" ?

Sometimes, the colour of  natural products may vary slightly from batch to batch as a result of the condition of the soil where the ingredient was grown,  the specie of the plant, moisture content, amongst others.

Our ingredients are GMO free, minimally processed, and free of  artificial colours and flavours. So what you see in the pouch or jar resembles the natural ingredients that went into the product.

Can I still use your products after the best before date?

Yes, If properly stored, it can still be used up to 6 months after the best before date.

Best before (Best by) date refers to the date recommended that you use the product for best physical and/or sensory quality (smell, flavour and texture). If the product has passed the best by date and it still maintains a good smell, flavour and texture, you may decide to continue consumption. The product may be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best flavor and texture.

Expiry date on the other hand refers to the last date a food should be eaten or used. 

For our products, we use “best before’ date as they are dry products with a longer shelf life, if stored properly. 


What is the best way to store my seasoning powders?

Our seasoning powders are best stored in a cool, dry and dark place, away from heat and light.

Keep airtight, avoid shaking dry spices directly into food to prevent steam from getting in and introducing moisture which may affect the shelf life. Also ensure that measuring spoons are completely dry before dipping into spices.

For maximum freshness, keep refrigerated or store in the freezer. Remember to keep them airtight.

Our spices are natural and preservative free so this is to ensure they stay fresh.

What is the difference between your seasoning powders and seasoning cubes?

Our seasoning powders are made from only natural ingredients – herbs, spices and a little sea salt and are low in sodium, MSG free, additive & preservative free.

Seasoning cubes on the other hand are high in sodium, and contain sugar, corn starch, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

 All ingredients are on our seasoning jar. Please ensure to read your food labels.

Are your seasoning powders salt free?

4 of our seasoning powders are salt free. They include garlic, ginger & onion mix, curry powder, peppersoup spice & sweet baking blend 

Vegetable stock powder, meat seasoning, soupa delish contain very little sea salt and the sodium content per serving is indicated on the nutrition labels. 

Can someone with high blood pressure use your seasoning powders?

Yes our seasoning powders are suitable for people with high blood pressure and we have a lot of customers in this category who are using our seasoning powders as an alternative low sodium seasoning. 

Endeavour to pair the use of our seasoning powders in your meals with a healthy diet, and exercise. Also minimize added salt

Why are my seasoning powders caking?

Your seasoning powders may clump (cake) if exposed to moisture and humidity. This is because they do not contain anti-caking agents.

If this happens, just break up with your fingers before use, or toss it in a dry pan for a few minutes. If in a pouch, lay on a flat surface and pound with a wooden spoon on the bag until the clump breaks up

This does not mean that the spice powders are bad, as long as they still smell and taste good.

Endeavour to store properly in an airtight containers, away from heat and moisture to minimize occurrence of this.

Also scoop your spices with a dry spoon, and avoid sprinkling directly into your cooking pot directly from the spice container to prevent accumulation of steam.

Why are some spices fuller than others?

Most of our spices come in 100 grams jars, but some spices may appear fuller than others even when they are of the same weight, because different spices have different densities.

This means that some spices are heavier and some are lighter and as a result, the lighter ones have more fuller content while those that are heavier may appear lesser in volume, but in weight, are all the same.


Can I use your beverage powders for my children?

Yes you can.

Our beverage powders are made with simple whole food ingredients. So they are  ideal from age 6 months, once the child has been introduced to solids to 100 years, lol.

Are your beverage powders refined sugar free?

Yes. Our beverage powders are refined sugar free and only sweetened with Date Powder, a natural whole fruit sweetener made from dehydrated Date Fruit.


Is Date Choco dairy free and vegan?

Date Choco is a delicious blend of date powder and cocoa powder

It is dairy free, vegan and super nutritious. You should try it today

Are your beverage powders safe for people with gluten and dairy allergies?

Our beverage powders are  made from nutritious ingredients such as Dates, Cocoa, Baobab and Tigernuts which are all gluten and dairy free. They are also processed in a gluten and dairy free facility so they can be used by people with gluten and dairy allergies

What is the difference between Date Baobab Mix and Date Powder?

Date Baobab Mix is a blend of baobab fruit powder and date powder while, Date Powder contains only one ingredient – Dates

Date Baobab Mix has a slightly sweet and tangy flavour, while Date Powder is sweet as it is a natural refined sugar alternative

If you are a sweet tooth looking for a healthy sweetener option, you can go for Date Powder

Date Baobab Mix works best as a mild sweetener or dairy alternative powder in oatmeal, smoothies, juices, desserts and more

Can I use Tigernut powder mix as a creamer for my coffee?

Tigernut Powder Mix is a blend of Tigernut Flour and Date Powder, which does not dissolve completely like cow milk powder

So it doesn’t come out as creamy as your regular milk in drinks.

It works best for your oatmeal, breakfast pudding, yoghurt and smoothies.

Can I use fonio grain if I have gluten allergies?

Yes, Fonio is a naturally gluten free whole grain, which can be used to make a gluten free breakfast pudding, or as a rice, couscous or quinoa alternative 

Fonio expands over 3x its size, so a little goes a long way

How long does it take to cook Fonio grain?

Fonio cooks in 5 minutes using medium heat and following detailed instructions on the pack

What is the difference between Fonio and Couscous ?

Couscous is made from wheat which contains gluten, while Fonio on the other hand is naturally gluten free

Couscous is not a whole grain food, while Fonio is a whole grain food

Couscous can be soaked and then added to a meal. Fonio on the other hand has to be cooked before use.

Is Fonio a diabetic friendly food?


Fonio is a whole grain food, which has a low glycemic index, and contains both resistant and non resistant starch. This makes it a great food for diabetic and prediabetic patients as it may help improve blood glucose management when paired with a healthy diet.

Is your Fonio sand free, pre-washed and ready to use?

Yes our Fonio grains are pre-washed, sand free and ready to use. If you prefer to rinse before use, that is OK but not necessary

What can Fonio be used for?

Fonio is super versatile.

The grain can be used to make cereal, as a rice, couscous and quinoa replacement, to bulk up smoothies (cooked fonio), stir fry and more. The flour can be used for  baking, pancakes thickening sauces and African swallow meals.

How can I use Golden Milk Blend?

Golden milk powder can be added to warm plant milk or warm water + lemon juice. It can also be added to smoothies, oatmeal, breakfast pudding and more

Can a pregnant woman or someone taking medication use golden milk blend?

We advise that you consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. 

Golden milk blend is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Can I use Baobab Powder as a post work out drink?

Yes. Baobab fruit powder contains electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and iron. It is also very rich in Vitamin C.  This makes it ideal as a natural energy and post workout drink, as it helps to restore electrolytes lost after exercise.

Add 1 tablespoon Baobab to a cup of water for an instant refreshing drink.

You can also add 1 to 2 tablespoons to your water bottle and take along to the gym. 

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