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Eat healthy with Clean, Delicious & Nutrient-Dense food alternatives from Aga’s Wholesome

Our products have been tested and trusted by thousands of families in West Africa and around the world!!

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Our health food product range

At Aga’s Wholesome, we believe that healthy food should also be delicious. That is why we use the best superfood African ingredients like dates, baobab, fonio, tigernuts, cocoa, herbs and spices to create nutritious and tasty food alternatives for you. Our products are 100% natural, gluten free, dairy free, plant based, additives & preservative free, nutrient-dense & so delicious.


Our breakfast combo comes with 7 delicious, nutrient-dense, gluten and dairy-free breakfast ingredients ideal for a wide variety of breakfast meals. From oatmeal, fonio cereal to pancake, hot chocolate, smoothies – the possibilities are endless with our breakfast combo.

You save more when you purchase this combo compared to buying the products individually + you get a free breakfast recipe ebook that contains over 20 yummy breakfast recipes.

The ingredients in this combo offer lots of benefits which include gut health & digestive aid, mood boost, heart health and digestive aid, improved sleep, fatigue relief, promoting the feeling of fullness which aids weight loss and lots more.

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If you are looking for natural seasoning options, and also to reduce your consumption of sodium, our Everyday Seasoning Combo is for you.

Everyday Seasoning Combo is a bundle of 7 natural, low sodium & MSG free seasoning powders, great for your everyday cooking.

The spices in this combo are great for a wide variety of meals, from stew, jollof, omelette, porridge, marinating your proteins and more.

You save more when you shop this combo, compared to purchasing the spices individually + you get a free recipe ebook with over 20 delicious recipes.

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If you are looking for products to boost energy levels, relieve inflammation and keep your gut healthy, then our Baobab & Golden Milk Combo is for you.

These 2 products are rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energy and immune boosting properties. They can be added to your smoothies, water, juices and more.

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